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Toyota Hilux AT35 Arctic Trucks

This SUV is a real monster with endless possibilities. Reinforced suspension, special shock absorbers and giant 35-inch tires make it easy for you to overcome the most difficult sections of the route. Whether you are heading to the mountains, the desert or the jungle, the Toyota Hilux AT35 Arctic Trucks turns your journey into an unforgettable adventure.

  • 2022 car model year
  • 4 L gasoline
  • 235 HP engine power
  • 4x4 full drive
  • automatic transmission
  • climat control in every configuration


13 500 ₽ up to 2 days
base price
13 200  - 300 ₽ from 3 days
save  900+ ₽
12 900  - 600 ₽ from 7 days
save  4 200+ ₽
12 600  - 900 ₽ from 15 days
save  13 500+ ₽
12 300  - 1 200 ₽ from 30 days
save  36 000+ ₽
Cost of additional hour 1 000 ₽

Tariffs for additional services

Combine services and pay only for what you need.
Car pickup from company office
Vladikavkaz, st. Grisa Plieva 5B free of charge
Delivering a car to an address within Vladikavkaz 300 ₽

Delivering a car to Beslan Airport
If necessary, we will meet you at the arrival area with a sign 1 700 ₽

Car delivery to Magas
To any address within the city 5 000 ₽

Car delivery to Minvody
To any address within the city 10 000 ₽

Second driver in the contract
We only need a co-driver’s license and a copy of the passport free of charge

Baby seat
A chair or buffer that complies with European safety standards.
One-time payment, does not depend on the car rental period.free of charge

Availability Calendar

  • Доступно
  • Занято

Car Rental Terms

  • 27 years minimum driver age
  • 5 years minimum driver experience
  • Deposit 10000 ₽ fully refundable upon rental completion
  • 1 day minimum rental period
To rent a car, we will need your passport and driver's license. Documents can be sent via WhatsApp.

Invincible SUV: Toyota Hilux AT35 Arctic Trucks for hire

With a heavy-duty engine and heavy-duty suspension, the Toyota Hilux AT35 handles the toughest roads and terrain with ease. Giant 35-inch tires provide unrivaled traction, while special shock absorbers ensure comfort and stability in all conditions. You will easily overcome mud, sand, snow and bumps, feeling absolutely confident behind the wheel.

Rest assured that the Hilux AT35 will turn your journey into an adventurous adrenaline-filled experience. Whether you’re heading to mountain trails, desert plains or deep forests, this off-road vehicle will be your faithful companion in your search for incredible places and amazing landscapes.

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Toyota Hilux AT35 Arctic Trucks
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Toyota Hilux AT35 Arctic Trucks

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Залог для Toyota Hilux AT35 Arctic Trucks — 10000 ₽ и не включён в платёж. Залог возвращается полностью по окончанию аренды.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent Toyota Hilux AT35 Arctic Trucks if I am not 20 years old?

No. Drivers older than 27 years with more than 5 years of driving experience can rent Toyota Hilux AT35 Arctic Trucks from us.

Can I rent Toyota Hilux AT35 Arctic Trucks for a long-term lease? How much will this service cost?

Yes, you can rent Toyota Hilux AT35 Arctic Trucks for long-term lease. Rates for the service are up to -20% off the base price for daily rental. Call or message us to rent the car for long-term lease on favorable terms. Rates for long-term rental of Toyota Hilux AT35 Arctic Trucks:

  • 13 200  - 300 ₽ from 3 days
  • 12 900  - 600 ₽ from 7 days
  • 12 600  - 900 ₽ from 15 days
  • 12 300  - 1 200 ₽ from 30 days

If I get into an accident with the rented car, who will pay for the repairs?

All of our cars are insured against risks, so: if the accident that caused damage to the car occurred due to your (the renter's) fault, you do not need to pay for the car damage, provided that you have purchased additional MiniCASCO insurance. If the accident was not your fault and you can prove it with documents from the State Traffic Inspectorate (GIBDD), you also do not need to pay for the car damage, provided you can prove it with documents from GIBDD. Moreover, we will offer you a replacement car of the same class. Rented a car from us and had an accident? Give us a call, we will always help.

Is it possible to rent a car on the day of inquiry?

Yes. However, the choice of car will be limited to the models available in our parking lot on the day of inquiry.

Do you update your car fleet, do you have new cars?

Yes. We regularly update our car fleet, buying new trending models from the most popular car brands. The average age of our cars does not exceed 2 years.

What is the minimum rental period for a car?

For 24 hours. This means you can return the car to us in just an hour, but the rental cost will be equal to the daily rate.

Do I need to clean the rented car or can I return it as is?

We will provide you with a clean car with a full tank, equipped with a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, and a spare tire. All of this will be documented in the handover report. Therefore, we expect you to return the car to us in the same condition and with the same equipment. Feel free to use our car wash services if it's convenient for you.

About traffic fines:

We will answer several common questions about traffic fines that our clients ask us:

  • You won't be able to pay the fine at a discount, as the fine is issued to the owner of the car, which is us. But before presenting the fine for payment, we will verify its legitimacy.
  • After we pay the fine, you won't be able to find information about it on the traffic police website. You can search for it on the "Online Traffic Police" service.
  • To avoid fines, install an app on your smartphone that allows you to track the presence of surveillance cameras in a specific area.
  • Do not park the rented car on lawns. The fine for this violation for a legal entity can reach 300,000 rubles. According to the terms of the agreement, the fine amount will be charged to you later.
  • You won't be able to obtain a copy of the decision on imposing an administrative fine, but by adhering to the contract terms, we will provide you with complete and accurate information about the fine.

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If you are renting a car from us for the first time, please prepare your passport and driving license.

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