Rental terms

Взять в аренду автомобиль у нас могут водители старше 23 лет, имеющие более 3-х лет водительского стажа. При этом для некоторых автомобилей S-класса требования выше — возраст от 25 лет и водительский стаж от 5 лет.

Rental terms

Vehicle rental rules

  1. Lease agreement

    The Contract is an official power of attorney for the right to drive the vehicle specified in the Contract.

    Lessor: Archinov Marat Alanovich, Address: 129366, Moscow, Rocket Boulevard, 15, sq. 48, enters into an Agreement with the Client specified in clause 1 of the Agreement that the Lessor transfers the vehicle to the Client for a fee for temporary possession and use without providing services for its management and technical operation.

  2. Lease terms

    1. The delivery of the car is carried out around the clock (the priority time for the delivery and return of the car is from 08:00 to 22:00).
      The cost of renting a car is indicated for a rental period of up to 24 hours.
    2. The cost of an additional hour, charging by car:
      • Renault Sandero Stepway II — 250 rubles/hour
      • Hyundai Solaris — 250 rubles/hour
      • Renault Duster, — 300 rubles/hour
      • Hyundai Creta — 400 rubles/hour
      • Toyota Camry — 450 rubles/hour
      • Toyota Rav 4 — 550 rub/hour
      • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado — 700 rubles/hour
      • Hyundai Grand Starex— 1000 rubles/hour
      • Land Rover Range Rover — 1500 rubles/hour
    3. The time specified in clause 2.1 is calculated, if the return of the car is delayed from 2 to 12 hours, the Customer is obliged to pay 60% of the tariff for 1 day (the tariff is specified in clause 5 of the Lease Agreement). If the return of the car is delayed for more than 24 hours, the Customer is obliged to pay 120% of the tariff per day specified in clause 5 of the Lease Agreement.
  3. Vehicle pickup and return location

    The place of issue and return of the car are fixed in clauses 4.4 and 4.5 of the Contract, respectively.

    If the Customer cannot return the Vehicle at the place specified in clause 4.5., then he pays for the vehicle return service outside the rental point in the amount provided for in the “Tariffs for additional services and fines”

  4. The cost of renting a vehicle

    1. The cost of car rental is indicated in accordance with the tariff plan for daily rent.
      The deposit is 5000.
    2. In case of early return of the vehicle, the Lessor reserves the right to recalculate rental payments based on the actual period of use of the vehicle in accordance with the tariffs approved by the Lessor plus one day of rent.
    3. It is prohibited for the Client to independently (according to the details of the resolution) pay fines imposed by administrative authorities during the rental period.
  5. Vehicle operation area

    Vehicle operation is allowed within the Russian Federation

    Departure outside the established boundaries of the lease is discussed additionally on an individual basis and are fixed in the Lease Agreement.

  6. Other conditions

    1. There are no mileage restrictions
    2. If the vehicle breaks down through no fault of the driver, we will change the car for free to another higher class.
    3. In case of exceeding the speed of the vehicle that is the subject of the lease, more than 150 km/h, recorded by the Lessor’s satellite surveillance equipment, the Client pays the Lessor a fine of 1000 rubles for each fact of exceeding. The specified fine is paid in excess of the amount of the fine imposed by the state body in the field of road safety.
    4. Prior to the conclusion of the Contract, the Client provides the Lessor with copies of the passport and driver’s license.
    5. The Lessee does not have the right to transfer the car to a third party for management, unless this is provided for in the Lease Agreement.
    6. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the car. The first signal received from the smoke detector, a fine of 3000r. The second is the completion of the lease.
    7. It is forbidden to use the car to commit illegal actions (smuggling, transportation of prohibited items, fraud, etc.).
    8. It is not possible to rent a car for profit (provision of paid services for the transportation of passengers or cargo).

Frequently asked questions

Can I rent a car for a long term? How much will such a service cost?

Yes, you can rent a car for a long term. Tariffs for the service are up to -20% of the base price for daily rent. Call or email us to take a car for long-term rental on favorable terms.

If I get into an accident on a rented car, who will pay for the repair?

All our cars are insured for risks, therefore: If the accident, as a result of which the car was damaged, occurred due to your (the tenant’s) fault, the liability will not exceed the amount of additional insurance. If the accident was not your fault and you prove it with documents from the traffic police, you do not need to pay for damage to the car. Moreover, in return we will offer you a car of the same class. Did you rent a car from us and got into an accident? Call us, we will always help.

Can my friend and I rent a car for two?

Yes. We only need the second driver’s license and a copy of his passport to enter into the lease agreement. And we will also issue two powers of attorney.

What should I do if the car breaks down on the road?

Immediately call our technical service. You will be instructed by the technician on duty, if necessary, he will call a tow truck or send a technical assistance car to you.

If I rent a car in the morning and return it at 7 pm the next day, will the payment be like for the 2nd day?

No. The payment will be for 1 day + the number of hours that you specified in the application.

What happens if I rent a car and don’t have time to return it by the time?

First, warn us about the delay as soon as possible. And then there are several scenarios: the delay time did not exceed 12 hours, you pay 60% of the tariff per day; exceeded 12 hours — you will have to pay the full daily tariff; we will have to resort to the help of law enforcement agencies if you did not return the car on time and did not contact us.

Can I get a discount on car rental?

Yes. We have: loyalty program; discount program. You can find out about all discounts from our managers. Just call or write to the chat on the website or WhatsApp.

Is it possible to rent a car on the day of the request?

Yes. But the choice of car will be limited to the models that will be in our parking lot on the day of the appeal.

Can I get the car at the train station/airport and return it at the hotel when I leave?

Yes. Book the desired model by specifying the locations of the reception and delivery of cars. At the specified time, we will deliver the car to the place of your arrival and pick it up at an address convenient for you.

Do I need to refuel a rented car?

Yes. We will rent you a car with a full tank, the volume of which will be recorded in the act of acceptance and transfer. You return the car to us with the same amount of gasoline or pay the difference.

Are you updating your fleet, do you have new cars?

Yes. We regularly update our fleet, buy new trending models of the most popular car brands. The average age of our cars does not exceed 2 years.

For what minimum period can I rent a car?

For 24 hours. That is, you can return the car to us in at least an hour, but the rental price will be equal to the daily rate.

Do I need to wash/clean the rented car or can it be returned as is?

We will give you a clean car with a full tank, equipped with a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, spare tire. All this will be reflected in the act of receiving and transmitting. Therefore, we expect that you will return the car to us in exactly the same condition and configuration. Use the services of our car wash, if it is convenient for you.

About traffic police fines

We will answer several frequent questions about fines that customers ask us at once: You will not be able to pay a fine with a discount, since the fine is issued to the owner of the car, that is, to us. But before presenting you with a fine for payment, we will check the legality of its issuance. After we pay the fine, you will not be able to find information about it on the traffic police website. You can search for it on the “Online traffic police” service. To avoid a fine, install an application on your smartphone that allows you to track the presence of fixing cameras on a specific site. Do not park your rented car on lawns. The fine for this violation for a legal entity can reach 300 thousand rubles. According to the terms of the contract, the amount of the fine will be presented to you in the future. You will not be able to get a copy of the decree on the imposition of an administrative fine, but, observing the terms of the contract, we will provide you with complete and reliable information about the fine.